Relationships grounded in separation will end in separation.
Revolution baby!!!

What most people call love is not love


Love can only be known after you have learned to escape the ego. What the ego calls love is fearful, prideful, possessive, selfish and jealous. This is ego — the opposite of love — and love cannot be experienced this way.

  • Love is unconditional giving and limitless creating; while the ego merely gives to get. 
  • Love is oneness; while the ego negotiates and defines love through separation.
  • Love is acceptance; while the ego resists and makes rules.
  • Love is forgiveness; while the ego seeks power in blame, shame, judgment, condemnation, and punishment.
  • Love is freedom; while the ego seeks to prove love through sacrifice.
  • Love is eternal; while everything the ego does is temporary.
  • Love is success and abundance; while ego is limiting

The loving response is the right solution to every problem and the perfect response to every challenge. The ego only attacks — causing more problems, further separation, and blocking abundance.

Abundance cannot flow into your life if love is not pouring out. The ego cuts off abundance, miscreates and produces a catastrophic trail of failure. This is how most people live, but a life aligned with love is so much more fun — so easy and blissful.

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