Reality is safety. (A Course in Miracles)
Beware of the unhealed healer

To love is to humble yourself completely.

If you’ve ever been truly in love, it was because you had humbled yourself to such an extent that you had no ego. You laid yourself at the feet of your lover — offering irrational, exuberant, unconditional acceptance. You broke all your rules.

If you’ve never found true love, it is only because you’ve never humbled yourself.

True love can only exist between two people who have escaped their egos. If your relationship allows ego to survive, then there cannot be true love in that relationship.

You might think that to destroy the ego sounds drastic — even violent or abusive. This is not so, because this is not about ego destruction in the other. This is about you.

To shatter the ego is the most merciful act, the most loving act, the most beautiful thing that could happen to any person because the result is perfect love. Remarkably, this is a gift you can only give yourself.

This is what is meant when they say that first you have to learn to love yourself. Now you have learned. Love is the full escape from ego, which is what we will continue to learn about tomorrow and each day after that.