Leave all illusions behind and reach beyond all attempts of the ego to hold you back. (A Course in Miracles)
My purpose is to create

Everyone teaches something.

In everything we are and in everything we do, we teach. Some teach love while others teach fear. Some teach peace while others teach stress. Some teach acceptance while others judge. Some teach healing while others teach sickness.

No one goes through this life without teaching lessons that are clear and profound. Think about everyone you know, everyone you once knew, and even those who have passed away. No life is idle because there are none that do not teach clear, observable lessons. Be grateful not only for these lessons of joy, healing, peace and love; be also grateful for those who demonstrate error—those who show us what we do not want by demonstrating its effects.

How wonderful it is the know that no life is insignificant. Even in our most foolish errors, others do see the truth about us and they are meant to learn our lessons well. In looking upon yourself and upon your brothers and sisters, there can be no judgment—only a personal choice about what it is we learn in these lessons in relation to how it makes us feel.

I choose to feel good, to live in freedom and honesty, to enjoy this and every moment, and to do my best to teach the same. But I am grateful for each and every lesson taught to me by every person who I share even a brief moment with. Thank you showing us the clear and valuable lessons both about what we do, and do not, want.


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