To love is to humble yourself completely.
We are consciousness

Beware of the unhealed healer

If you are seeking help or healing from a guru, priest, therapist, life coach or medical practitioner — know only that healing cannot be of the ego.

We look for healers who are officially certified by institutions and therefore “credible”. In truth, centralized institutions are political — based on rules, rewards, punishment and status. All institutions are self-serving and egoic. They teach us to trust them and doubt ourselves. This is the opposite of teaching and the cause of suffering.

Then there are the countless gurus, spiritual leaders, life coaches and others. Watch carefully. Are they projecting image? Do their teachings involve judgment or do they preach unconditional love? What is their understanding of ego? Are they making a lot of money? Are they teaching you to become self-sufficient or to keep coming back for more? What do you know about their private lives?

The world is filled with fake experts whose advice is exactly wrong. There is only one path to healing, though it can be described in many ways. Healing is the undoing of ego, which is awakening, discovering consciousness, salvation, making peace with God, or aligning with love.

Healing can only happen in the absence of ego. Perfect bliss, peace, joy and health is extremely unusual in today’s world. To reach this state, you must be willing to go beyond what the world considers normal.