Revolution baby!!!
The only true revolution is a consciousness revolution.

Being faced with an impossible learning situation is the most depressing thing in the world. (A Course in Miracles)

“This is why the world, itself, is depressing. Whenever the reaction to learning is depression, it is because the true goal of the curriculum has been lost sight of.” -A Course in Miracles.

In a world ruled by ego, we are guided only into confusion and chaos. The result is fear and depression. To awaken is to align with spirit rather than ego. Only free from ego can we love. All joy, bliss, and peace flow instantly and eternally from love.

What is the goal of our learning? What is it for? If the lesson is sacrifice, know that none of our needs can be met through sacrifice. Give everything, but not in sacrifice. Sacrifice, by its own definition, takes you further away from everything you want by sacrificing it!

The ego gives us endless reasons to accept that which we do not want and do not enjoy. Authority has conditioned us to accept that which feels unnatural, uninspiring and depressing. This is, indeed, losing sight of the curriculum. But we can, instead, choose healing as our curriculum.

To heal is to restore the normal function of the mind and body by ignoring the dark voices of authority, looking within, paying attention to the stillness, and following the silent guidance emerging from intuition.

You know you are awakened when you feel good right now and always. This is only possible when you courageously decide to choose deep honesty and truth rather than fear. The freed mind effortlessly communicates in love, connects in oneness, and creates with the purpose of joy. Here all needs are met.

This is our curriculum—our purpose in this life. Use perfect honesty to escape the ego so that you may heal in love.


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