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You are not your thoughts. You are simply aware of your thoughts. (Michael A. Singer)

Attack teaches nothing of value.

We punish, we make sarcastic comments, we argue—telling ourselves that we are “teaching a lesson.” But attack teaches nothing of value.

When you attack others in any way, you teach only fear. They are not comprehending your logic and do not see how you are justified. They see you only as an enemy, a source of fear, which is the opposite of love and the emotion of separation.

Those who fear you in any way will withdraw so that their truths are withheld from you. You may demand honesty and openness, but if you have attacked you will not get it. Attack is your ego projecting separation as a solution. Attack breaks relationships and teaches nothing.

Fear is not the lesson you wish to teach. Always respond lovingly, not with attack. Look beyond the behavior you don’t like in another, see beyond it. As Marshall Rosenberg said, “Every criticism, judgment, diagnosis, and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmet need.” Therefore, even if you are attacked first, the appropriate response is a loving attempt to address the unmet need in the other.

Love seeks resolution not in separation, but in unity. Communicate in the language of love and come together. Teach truth, peace and joy to experience the same.


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