Truth is the opposite of what the ego has learned.
A person who is afraid of love does not know what love is.

We are more than body and mind.

There is a dimension of our being that is beyond physical form and yet more real than anything observable. This is the self that cannot be seen, nor understood, nor possessed.

We can study our biology—observing the heartbeat and measuring mind activity—yet will this ever help us understand what exactly is life? Where is life? Is it a thing that can be physically seen? Held? Observed? Understood by the mind? Where does it come from? Why does some matter possess this thing called life and other matter does not?

We can observe everything that life does, but it is impossible to observe what life is. We are alive, and so the same can be said of us: we can observe everything that we do, but we cannot observe what we are.

This simple awareness of what we are frees us from what is unreal and changes everything. To know, each moment, what we are is to place the mind and body in service to complete truth and knowledge—the source of all consciousness, creation and power.

Now we move beyond words like “spiritual”, “God”, “soul”, or even “love”. This is an experience of true enjoyment.


Posted by Abscondo

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