Let go of the past and begin every day at a higher level of love. (Don Miguel Ruiz)
We are more than body and mind.

Truth is the opposite of what the ego has learned.

This statement contains two words that are an immediate turn-off for most people: “truth” & “ego”. There are two reasons for this: 1) the ego is threatened when it becomes aware of itself, and 2) the ego wants to invent its own truths—which are always limited to that which is impermanent and therefore cannot be true.

The ego’s basic doctrine is, “Seek but do not find.” The ego deceives you by promising happiness, then leads you down a path in which only short-term pleasure or satisfaction is possible. Following ego, you are led away from the place of truth where you were already perfectly happy and complete—and into the chaos of constant sacrifice aimed at delivering only short-term highs followed by painful and depressing lows.

From a very young age, you have been taught there is no other way. The real truth has been called naïve, impossible—and you have been convinced that there is no alternative to what the ego calls “normal”. In a world dominated by ego, truth is always the opposite of normal.

The truth is that you do not need the ego. You need only tell the truth and want only truth. Here, your knowledge is complete and there is no confusion.

Now your life is aligned with reality. Your abilities are limitless, your happiness is constant, you are free, and your life is abundant. 


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