What they call “The Real World” is only a game.
Alone we can do nothing. But together, our minds fuse into something whose power is far beyond the power of its separate parts. (A Course in Miracles)

Success in life requires only that we see beyond the game board.

Yesterday we looked at the grand illusion, this game we have been taught to call “The Real World”. Let’s take a break from the game for a moment.

Notice this present moment, the sounds, everything happening right now. Go into your inner-body and feel the energy. Contemplate the miracle of your life—how you have arisen from nothing and have been given unlimited power to love and to create.

Now, when you look at your brothers and sisters, you see them not as competitors in the game; rather, as souls identical to yours. Our position on the game board is not what matters. At our core, our identity is the same because our fundamental needs are all the same. This is our oneness, our union, our yoga.

Beyond the illusion, you are not alone. Furthermore, you are not lacking. There is nothing you can win in the game to fulfill your most fundamental needs for love, security, abundance, feeling good, peace, happiness. These aren’t things you can get; rather, this is what you are. All success flows from knowing this. Without knowing this, you seek more of everything even as no real success is possible.

Success in life is remembering the endless love within. Know what you are and extend it to others—seeing only the realm where we are all one. Now you cannot maintain the illusion of separation, isolation, or lack. Fear dissolves because you know what is real and that it cannot be threatened.

To see spirit in your brothers and sisters is to see them beyond the game they call The Real World. Play the game and have fun; but do so in the eternal present moment—here where you are perfect and complete. Don’t take it so seriously, and don’t forget to take frequent breaks to see beyond the game board. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.