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When you realize there is no reward for all this sacrifice

Stress helps nothing

Challenges come all the time and cannot be avoided. What we do have control over is our reaction. When people react to problems in frustration or anger, they create stress for themselves and others.

What purpose does this reaction serve? Has anything ever been taught or learned, or has any problem ever been solved through stress?

Even when nothing happens, we imagine a terrible thing that might happen. When we believe every thought is real, we worry all day and night. The heart starts beating in panic, we get exhausted, lose sleep, and ultimately develop illness—and all because of this thing called stress.

What is stress but another word for madness?

I used to believe that stress fired me up and gave me energy to get things done. Then I began meditating each day. I found out that you can get a lot more done in a calm, relaxed state. The peace, calm, and restfulness I feel after a 15-minute mediation puts me in a state where I can be very productive and effective for hours. Now I meditate to reset whenever I want to do something well, or even when I want to enjoy myself.

In a relaxed state, the quality of your work improves, you make better decisions without emotion, your relationships are more solid, and you don’t get tired as fast. Time efficiency isn’t the most critical success factor; your state of being is.

Stress serves no positive purpose. It is an insane reaction to belief in fear. It is also the cause of accidents, conflict, disease, exhaustion and failure. Let’s stop believing that stress is okay and then learn to overcome it so that we can enjoy life right now and always.


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