Alone we can do nothing. But together, our minds fuse into something whose power is far beyond the power of its separate parts. (A Course in Miracles)
Perfect love now.

Some suffering is necessary

Escape from the ego—the full alignment with honesty and love—is the end of unnecessary suffering. Still, some necessary suffering occasionally arises.

Life brings challenges. You lose someone. Your income falls short. You hurt someone. You are disrespected and forced to stand up for yourself.

The situation feels overwhelming, yet inaction and withdrawal are not an option. Now is the time to respond in bravery and truth. Now your faith, your spirit, your body and mind are put to the test. Your heart races along with your thoughts. Peace feels beyond your grasp.

Suffering is a temporary state pushing you toward change and growth. Maybe your state of being needs fundamental change. Maybe you need to facilitate some change in a relationship, a situation, or maybe you truly do have to let someone go.

Good suffering is the kind that ultimately pulls you toward deeper love, spiritual growth, greater awareness and inner peace. Like a terrible thunderstorm, it is natural, necessary, but temporary. Weather the storm while accepting that your life is unfolding as it must. For whatever reason, what is happening needs to be happening.