Stress helps nothing
Love the person, not the role.

When you realize there is no reward for all this sacrifice


In early childhood, you probably felt good, you were happy, friendship was easy, love was everywhere, and there was nothing to be afraid of. Then you were taught to sacrifice all this so that you can work toward getting it back at some distant point in the future.

We have been conditioned into believing that we can get what we want someday by sacrificing what we want now—that we aren’t smart unless we get good grades, that we are not worthy of love unless we first become something or achieve something, that we are not beautiful unless we buy something we can’t afford.

It goes like this: just do what you are told, question nothing, strive not for freedom and keep telling yourself that happiness is just around the corner. Not there yet? Make a bigger sacrifice. Listen to some fast-talking guru. Have enough faith and it will come. Just work harder. Just a bit longer. You’ll be there soon. Still not there? Must be because you aren’t good enough.

Enough! At some point, when you realize that there is no reward for all this sacrifice, you have a choice. You can either blame yourself for not achieving the impossible, or you can correct the error by honestly looking at the lies that you have been convinced to believe.

Absent of the world’s sick illusions, you remember that everything you most deeply want is already yours because it comes from within. You know this is true because you already had everything when you were a very small child—before you sacrificed anything. It was never gone or out of reach, only forgotten. But now, you have the power to undo dishonest conditioning so that you can actually enjoy life.

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