Make your work your yoga.
Everybody pays attention to the things in space, but who pays attention to space, itself? (Eckhart Tolle)

Relationships are easy because we all have the same fundamental needs

We all want love, comfort, freedom to be ourselves, to be respected and understood, and to do something meaningful in life. On the most fundamental level, we just want to feel good. While our fundamental needs may be the same, the way we go about fulfilling those needs differs.

In the egoic or unawakened state, it is common to use dishonesty, sacrifice, manipulation, rules, rewards and punishments as strategies to meet our needs. In truth, none of this ever works to fulfill our fundamental needs. Needs can only be fulfilled in perfect honesty and openness.

Your honest expression of a need or want allows me to easily fulfill it. My expression of a need may be an opportunity for you to form a mutually beneficial relationship with me. Just tell me what you need, nothing more, and if there is a good fit then I will naturally do my best to fulfill it.

The fulfillment of each other’s needs flows effortlessly from the energy of inspiration. There is a natural call within to connect, to give and receive, and to nurture enjoyable relationships. In complete honesty and unconditional acceptance, we no longer need coercion, manipulation, rules, rewards, or punishments. We can let go of ego altogether to live in honesty so that life is enjoyed and all our needs are met.