Some suffering is necessary
Separation is the cause of relationship misery; never the solution.

Perfect love now.

Anything less than perfect love is not love. There is either love or there is not love.

In perfect love life becomes sweet, conflict-free, and blissful. Disagreements are not about who gets more of something; rather, who is giving too much.

First, you give unconditional acceptance to yourself. Then you offer your partner, your children, and everyone else the same. Eventually, you become truly free and accepted. There is nothing you could say or do that would be considered unacceptable.

The way of perfect love is led by intuition—not the mind. Intuition is the knowing that exists in the now—the only realm where anything exists, has ever existed, or ever will exist. The mind perceives, but intuition knows. Knowing comes from the you that exists beyond the mind. Connect with intuition by going into the now and finding yourself as the observer of the mind and not the thinker.

In perfect love, you already have everything you need within. Commitment to perfect love is something that happens instantly, completely, and is entirely within your control. Offer yourself this kind of perfect love and do not allow anyone to take it away from you. Then extend it to others to enjoy life right now and always.