Give up the ego and sacrifice nothing.
We are what is sometimes call the "second coming" of Jesus Christ

Outer success flows from inner abundance.

So much of our attention is usually focused on what we think we are lacking. Minds racing and bodies stressed, we wonder “How will I ever get there? Why is it taking so long? What’s wrong with me? Why is the world against me?”

Ambitions are wonderful. We naturally want to strive toward our full potential in life and of course this includes external success. But this urge can no longer overshadow the fact that everything real is already ours and, to access it, we need only look within.

The longing, the striving, the sacrificing, the sickness and fear inside—it only exists when we get ahead of ourselves. We strive for external success before becoming aware of the perfectly complete internal dimension.

Everything we most deeply desire is experienced within: a feeling, happiness, love, beauty, bliss, safety, wisdom, peace, inspiration, excitement, and fun. Other people and particular life situations can help you get there, but the source of these energies is always within.
The ultimate destination you seek is what you already have inside. This can be accessed now by undoing perspectives and thought systems that have blocked it. This requires an unshakable desire for truth and honesty as well as a bit of practice.

Perhaps the priorities have been all wrong. Rather than seeking externally as the source of what we desire internally, now we learn to access it all internally and then effortlessly extend it externally. Outer success flows from inner abundance.