Abscondo Podcast #71: The Switch
Truth is the opposite of what the ego has learned.

Let go of the past and begin every day at a higher level of love. (Don Miguel Ruiz)

The romantic realm is love’s playground. Here you learn to serve love, you teach love, you play, you grow and have fun. “Love is what makes you happy, and if you become the servant of love, and your partner becomes the servant of love, you can just imagine all the possibilities.

To serve love is your highest ideal—your goal at home, at work, in every aspect of life. In the confused mind, there were times when you did not know this. You therefore must first forgive yourself and everyone else who does not know this. Forgiveness, or unconditional acceptance, is a powerful letting go of everything that is not love—a seeing of only love and a shrugging-off of all else.

“The day will come when you can be with your partner with no guilt and no blame, no anger and no sadness.” Let go of the past and forgive so that there is no resentment, you can be yourself, and you can have fun.

“You are there to serve your love to your lover, to be each other’s servant. In every kiss, in every touch, you feel you are each there to please the one you love, without expecting anything back.” In this type of relationship, “Sex becomes a complete surrendering, a dance, an art, a supreme expression of beauty.”

“It’s no longer a war of control; it’s about service.” This is true enjoyment.

-Quotes from Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz


-Quotes from Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

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