Live performance of Evil Artists by Abscondo
Being is known through sharing. (A Course in Miracles)

Nothingness is the source, the creator of all things

Before the universe exploded from nothingness into a big bang of expansion, there was only nothing. Then there was both nothing and something. All the while, nothingness was never threatened, never altered, never harmed or destroyed even by this primordial explosion.

Nothingness is the source, the creator of all things. Where was a baby before it was conceived, but in the vast nothingness—the unmanifested? Where was all the things in the universe before it existed? Everything arises from nothing.

If we do not know God, it is because we have not stopped to think about nothingness. We have not yet recognized all form as ultimately unstable, impermanent, and therefore meaningless. With this knowledge, the world of form loses its grip, fear dissolves, and our God-essence within is given the freedom to love and to create.

Religion will not teach you that God is in the nothingness. Instead, the Church claims that God is in its own restrictive structures and rituals. But it is impossible for any entity or institution to grasp at or possess God because nothingness cannot be possessed. God is the vast empty space around us and within us. There is an eternal and infinite void that gives birth to all things and is the essence of all things.