Relationships are easy because we all have the same fundamental needs
Live performance of Evil Artists by Abscondo

Everybody pays attention to the things in space, but who pays attention to space, itself? (Eckhart Tolle)

“Nothing can exist without no thing.” The Power of Now

The universe contains billions or trillions of stars and even more planets, but between all these things is nothingness. The vast majority of the universe is nothingness, yet science is only concerned with the small fragment of reality comprised of things. Even your body is mostly empty space because inside every atom is empty space.

When you withdraw attention from things, you withdraw yourself from the constant stream of thought. Notice the silence, the stillness, the nothingness. Here, you enter the realm of the unmanifested, pure consciousness, being.

Consider the room you are in right now. The floor, walls, and ceiling define the boundary; but the room is just empty space. It is in the nothingness, in the stillness, in the silence you become aware of your true identity. Your fundamental needs originate from this invisible realm—here where you experience love, where you feel, where you connect with inspiration and intuition.

But don’t try to grasp it or you lose it. The concept of “no thing” cannot be understood by the mind as an object. It must be experienced beyond the mind, by you, the being. Today we consider the nothingness—the only realm that is eternally true because it is the only realm that cannot be threatened, destroyed, or changed. Herein lies your soul, your eternal self, your safety. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.