We are what is sometimes call the "second coming" of Jesus Christ
Actually, love does pay the rent

Awaken to love and forget what you are not

Awaken to love and discover that you are not vulnerable, not afraid, not desperate, not lacking or in need of anything. You are not too much, not too little, not right and not wrong.

You are not an imperfect body, nor a bank account, nor any of your possessions. On the deepest level, you are neither attractive nor ugly—because your identity is in the beauty of your truth.

Awakened to love, you are not depressed, not bored, not anxious and not tired. You are not lazy and not ambitious. You are not particularly talented or unique—yet perfectly capable of doing something that everyone will recognize as beautiful and perfect.

Awaken to love and forget what you are not. There is nothing you need to do except choose the loving response with 100% faith in every situation and circumstance. Choose the loving response with your partner, with your kids, with your parents and family. Now watch your relationships heal. Choose the loving response in your work and watch your earnings grow and stress dissolve. Choose the loving response even when others are trying to teach you a lesson or diminish you in some way. Watch the problem dissolve.

Love is seeing past what is unreal to recognize the same truth in others that you recognize in yourself. Communicate in an honest way that makes this dimension real, not all the mind-chatter on the surface. Forgive, accept, open your mind, open your heart, serve and create. Feel your energy shift in love.