Everything you want is the result of telling the truth.
If the human race is to survive, it will have to go on to the next phase. (Eckhart Tolle)


The ego uses projection to reinforce its idea of specialness or separation. “Projection” is a psychological theory in which we reject our own qualities or impulses by denying their existence in ourselves while attributing them to others.

Projection is an attempt to exclude something about you that you do not want. By attempting to project it onto others and then remove yourself from them, you attempt to rid yourself of that part of you. This is an attempt to make the other guilty and to make yourself innocent; then use this as a justification for attack.

You would not see any guilt in the other unless you had first recognized it in yourself. Attempting to throw it outside of yourself and to stick it on the other is a game that does nothing to help you or anyone.

Better to honestly look within and forgive yourself, accept yourself, love yourself unconditionally. Then you can leave others in peace so that they can do the same. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Posted by Abscondo

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