The ego is always certain
You are loved for the truth in you.

Sacrifice is no path to happiness


We were taught to sacrifice not only our time and energy—but also our honesty. These days, it can seem impossible just to tell the truth. We’re made to feel guilty and afraid, always needing to prove who’s right and who’s better, in a game of pretending to be normal.

But almost every problem is first caused by a well-intentioned decision for dishonesty. We withhold honesty because we want to avoid problems in our relationships, but the result is always stress and confusion. Then, when lies are eventually exposed, the result of dishonesty is always crisis.

Only perfect honesty heals by breaking the cycle of suffering and crisis. I’ve just finished writing a powerful new eBook called “The Switch”. This book will show you there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, and no reason for you to withhold honesty. This book sets you free to come out of the dark, to tell your truth, and to live it. Now your life is going to get a lot more fun.

More to come. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

Posted by Abscondo

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