If you place any limits on truth, you will not have it.
Ego and spirit are in fundamental disagreement about everything.

Nothing is difficult that is wholly desired. To desire wholly is to create. (A Course in Miracles)

To desire wholly means to leave no room for conflict or doubt. It isn’t possible to desire wholly while maintaining any allegiance to a thought system that causes conflict and uncertainty.

Society imposes a thought system through an elaborate system of reward and punishment. We have been conditioned to obey, to conform, and shown that our primary function is to get and to consume.

To be “normal”, we are all expected to follow the same rules—yet we are also supposed to demonstrate that we are somehow different and special. So we try to stand out by acquiring possessions made by corporate manufacturers, adhering to belief systems taught by the corporate media, and conforming to cultural movements, groups, or fashions designed by brands.

We then compare ourselves to others who are doing the same—constantly evaluating whether we are better at it than they are. When we fail, we feel worthless. When we succeed, we are disliked and envied.

This way of life cannot be desired wholly because it leaves a hole in the soul. It fundamentally fails to offer what we want. We wholly want to be accepted, valued and recognized. This requires an outflow of love, service, helpfulness, teaching and creation. Confusion must be transcended through complete allegiance to love. All forms of attack, competition and greed must first be made unreal.

Creating is your function. Manifestation is what you were designed to do, though you have been taught differently. Today we undo the unreal system of thought so that we can actually enjoy life right now and always.