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Abscondo Podcast #71: The Switch

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When you are in love...


What most people don’t know is that the feeling of love is what happens whenever you are open. Open your mind and heart completely to experience the natural energy—the force of life—that comes from within. 

The wonderful feeling of love—the ultimate experience of being alive—wasn’t something given to you by the person you were in love with; rather, it was a feeling that happened inside you because you were wide open to another being. You were perfectly honest, open, and accepting of yourself and the other. You felt how someone really gets you. You felt understood. Well, yes, you were understood because you were honest and open. And it was bliss.

About "The Switch" by Abscondo

You can only enjoy life when you are free to openly be yourself. Yet most people hide their real feelings, needs, and desires.

Despite how others can make you feel, the truth is that you are not guilty of anything. Your truths are not wrong — so why hide anything?

The problem is that to withhold honesty is to try to make illusion real rather than truth. This always causes stress, suffering and crisis because illusion cannot be made real.

You can learn to use the power of perfect honesty to end suffering and prevent crisis in your life. You can find peace by freeing yourself from the confused thought system of dishonesty.

This eBook will inspire you to rediscover your perfect inner strength, courage, and wisdom. The way to find lasting peace and happiness in your life is through the power of your loving honesty.

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The problem is that you almost never say exactly what you mean.

You so rarely confess how you really feel. You are almost never open about what really excites you, what really bores you, and what you really want or would do if you were totally free.

Now consider the fact that nobody is telling you what they mean either. This has caused a detachment from reality.

You think that, by filtering what you do and say so that it is socially acceptable, you are gaining relationships and your life is going more smoothly. But by limiting your telling of the truth, you are limiting the life you were meant to live and teaching dishonesty to all.

To be honest and to tell the truth is the experience of true enjoyment.


Love isn’t something you can get. It is something you already have and can give.

Do you accept yourself fully? Can you let go of the condemnation, the shaming, the blaming done to you by yourself and others? Do you know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you? Today we fall in love with ourselves.

You have been taught self-hatred and shame by those who would use this to control you or to possess you—but you are not guilty. Because you have condemned yourself, you have extended attack, argument, complaint, and frustration. From this place of self-loathing, maybe you have abused yourself or mistreated others. This is not something you should feel guilty about—only something to be undone through self-love. Here, in the present moment, it can and will be easily undone through love.

To find love, you must fall in love with yourself. Rather than searching for love in the eyes of another, try lying on your back in bed staring at the ceiling. Here, you can begin to remove the blockages that prevent self-love.  

Love is not what the ego calls love. It is not a gift to be delivered to you by one true soulmate who will save you. Love is not to be found in seduction, nor in promises of commitment, nor in anything another person is supposed to do for you. That’s not love. Love isn’t something you can get. It is something you already have and can give.     

You are perfectly lovable and all the love you need is within you. Can you feel your heart begin to unblock? You are not guilty. We will free you from the guilt, the shame, the regret so that you can fall in love with yourself and then extend that love tomorrow and each day after that.


"The Switch" by Abscondo available now!

The way to end your problems, to stop suffering, and to avoid crisis is rather simple: choose truth and honesty instead of withholding it.

The Switch reveals the power of undoing dishonesty everywhere it exists in your life by telling the truth.

Suffering is caused by trying to make real what is not true. This is faith in illusion — a failing and impossible strategy to get what you want and to live your dreams by hiding who you really are.

Lack of honesty is not just the cause of suffering, but also crisis. Crisis is what happens in your life when the truth inevitably exposes what you have attempted to hide.

The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook for anyone interested in awakening from illusion now to end suffering and to avoid crisis. Come out from the dark. Be who you are. You are not guilty and there’s nothing wrong with you.

For $15, get the eBook PDF + access to Audiobook version of The Switch — which provides all the insights and tools you need to find lasting happiness in your life through the power of perfect honesty. In addition, the eBook also describes how to join the new global community of awakened people who share the intention of living in perfect honesty and freedom.

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Ego and spirit are in fundamental disagreement about everything.

Disease is in fundamental disagreement with health. Separation is in fundamental disagreement with unity. Darkness is in fundamental disagreement with light. Sound is in fundamental disagreement with silence.

When something is in fundamental disagreement with something else, both cannot be true. When one is made real, the other instantly becomes unreal.

Just as darkness is lack of light, ego is lack of spirit. To live in spirit requires the complete undoing of ego. Ego is so fragile that it’s destruction requires only that we bring ego into the light.

Know only that you are not your thoughts; rather, the silent and still observer of your thoughts. Now you can observe your thoughts from the perspective of conscious presence. Observe the aliveness of the present moment and let go of the ideas of past and future. You are not the stories, illusions and dreams of the mind. We can let go of illusion to actually enjoy life right now and always.


Nothing is difficult that is wholly desired. To desire wholly is to create. (A Course in Miracles)

To desire wholly means to leave no room for conflict or doubt. It isn’t possible to desire wholly while maintaining any allegiance to a thought system that causes conflict and uncertainty.

Society imposes a thought system through an elaborate system of reward and punishment. We have been conditioned to obey, to conform, and shown that our primary function is to get and to consume.

To be “normal”, we are all expected to follow the same rules—yet we are also supposed to demonstrate that we are somehow different and special. So we try to stand out by acquiring possessions made by corporate manufacturers, adhering to belief systems taught by the corporate media, and conforming to cultural movements, groups, or fashions designed by brands.

We then compare ourselves to others who are doing the same—constantly evaluating whether we are better at it than they are. When we fail, we feel worthless. When we succeed, we are disliked and envied.

This way of life cannot be desired wholly because it leaves a hole in the soul. It fundamentally fails to offer what we want. We wholly want to be accepted, valued and recognized. This requires an outflow of love, service, helpfulness, teaching and creation. Confusion must be transcended through complete allegiance to love. All forms of attack, competition and greed must first be made unreal.

Creating is your function. Manifestation is what you were designed to do, though you have been taught differently. Today we undo the unreal system of thought so that we can actually enjoy life right now and always.



If you place any limits on truth, you will not have it.

If you want perfect honesty, you will need to learn unconditional acceptance. Of course, no matter which path you choose (rules or acceptance), the truth will remain true regardless. Seen in this light, the choice for acceptance is quite clear.

Truth cannot be changed by your attempts to deny it or desire to change it. If there are rules or taboos—and particularly if there are threats of punishment along with it—truth has been forced into hiding and dishonesty is likely to emerge in any relationship.

Agreeing to any rule is, in effect, agreeing that you might eventually have to lie. Setting a rule or making anything taboo is asking the other person to lie. Do you value knowing or not knowing? If you value knowing, then don’t make knowing impossible by setting limits on truth.


Reprinted from the book "The Switch" by Abscondo.

There can be no conflict between sanity and insanity. Only one is true, and so only one is real. (A Course in Miracles)

To believe in two separate thought systems is to be conflicted. The world teaches us the egoic thought system, which is supposed to make us happy when put into practice. But belief in the ego ultimately brings feelings of emptiness, dissatisfaction, overwhelming fear and depression—a sinking feeling that there must be something more to life than this.

So, in private, we instinctually break free. We seek beautiful escape in love relationships, forbidden sexuality, travel, natural beauty, art and other forms of release from the tortured state taught by those who claim authority. It is here, even with no teaching at all, we remember another thought system—an instinctual one that the world is against. This is where we find excitement, peace, fulfillment—everything we want.

Now life gets confusing because we try to straddle both thought systems. We try to find space for brief moments of beauty and bliss, then are immediately pulled back by the world’s calls of fear and duty. We attempt to refine an individual thought system comprised of bits and pieces of each—which results in dishonesty, utter confusion, stagnation, and paralysis. It is impossible to serve two masters. One must be made real—which scares us because deep down we know which one is real and which one must be left behind.

To leave behind the insane choice is to actually enjoy life right now and always.