How to avoid anger.
Beauty is experienced only when the mind is still.

Attack is really just a call for love. (A Course in Miracles)

The ego emotionally responds to attack with anger, then seeks revenge in the name of “teaching a lesson”. But spirit looks beyond the attack form, sees only a brother or sister in need of love and offers just that.

The error of attack is always a cry for help—a misguided plea for love, peace, happiness. Any form of attack—including shaming, blaming, shouting, accusing, judging, punishing, or even sarcasm—is an expression of uncontrolled egoic pain. If you are not yet awakened, attack typically makes you mad and you will respond with anger or frustration.

Rooted in being, you know that you cannot be diminished or threatened and; therefore, you need offer no defense. A defenseless response to attack or threat can be as unemotional as saying “could be” or “is that so?”. While this feels unnatural, you will find that this passive response diminishes the attack by not making it real. To defend yourself or counter-attack, on the other hand, makes the whole thing real.

Eventually, there is always calm after any attack. Wait for it, then talk lovingly with the person suffering to find out what the real need is. Accept, forgive, move on. This is not your diminishment—this is you at your greatest, as a miracle worker.

“What is a good man but a bad man's teacher?
What is a bad man but a good man's job?
If you don't understand this, you will get lost, however intelligent you are.
It is the great secret.”
-Tao Te Ching

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