The problem is that you almost never say exactly what you mean.
When you are in love...

About "The Switch" by Abscondo

You can only enjoy life when you are free to openly be yourself. Yet most people hide their real feelings, needs, and desires.

Despite how others can make you feel, the truth is that you are not guilty of anything. Your truths are not wrong — so why hide anything?

The problem is that to withhold honesty is to try to make illusion real rather than truth. This always causes stress, suffering and crisis because illusion cannot be made real.

You can learn to use the power of perfect honesty to end suffering and prevent crisis in your life. You can find peace by freeing yourself from the confused thought system of dishonesty.

This eBook will inspire you to rediscover your perfect inner strength, courage, and wisdom. The way to find lasting peace and happiness in your life is through the power of your loving honesty.

For $10, you’ll get instant access to the eBook PDF and Audiobook versions of The Switch. Follow the link below for more info:

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Read The Switch to achieve spiritual awakening through the power of perfect honesty.