Normal is insane
Abscondo Podcast #70: Union

Your real creations are as timeless as you are

The function of the mind is to make and to create; but making and creating are not the same.

The ego is something we make and is then the source of all making. Having first been made by you, it is no wonder that it is so valued by you. From the ego, it is possible to make only that which is unstable, meaningless, impermanent, uninspired, unoriginal—that which has no real value. To attempt to create from the ego—from the realm of perception and interpretation—is to merely project image, to attempt to get rather than to give, to miscreate.

To create is something entirely different. Creation is channeled from spirit, from love, from the source of true knowledge. Any creation is instantly recognized as beautiful, meaningful, helpful and true. Creation transmits energy that inspires. It brings greater consciousness and love into the world.

Gains in consciousness cannot be undone and are never lost. Creation endures eternally. Even as it may shift form, it may be reinterpreted, it may spread through derivative forms, the light brought into the world through creation cannot be dimmed.

Creation is the light of spirit. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.     


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