I Am Community Update | How to use I Am Statements
Love will enter immediately into any mind that truly wants it. (A Course in Miracles)

Salvation does not apply to spirit, which is not in danger and does not need to be salvaged. (A Course in Miracles)

A Course in Miracles states that “salvation is nothing more than right-mindedness.” Right-mindedness is a state of full knowledge, accessible only when you have gone beyond perception and interpretation.

This awakened state of salvation—also called rebirth, consciousness, or liberation—is blocked only by our perception not allowing us to recognize that we are spirit. To realize that all perception is unnecessary and meaningless is to remove the block.

How is it possible to not perceive? This is a reasonable question. Who is the “you” that is living in this world? Who is the observer of your mind? Who is witnessing the voice in your head? Who is the “you” that wants love and acceptance, wants to create, senses beauty, wants to feel good, and wants to be happy? There is a part of you that is the same as everyone else. That’s your soul, your spirit. It isn’t a “thing”, but it is who you are—and it is beyond perception.

The ego sees differences. Differences exist on the level of form, which is changing and unstable. The mind’s ability to perceive will continue even after spiritual awakening—but because you know your true identity, perception becomes nothing more than a practical tool to help you function on the physical plane.

On the level of spirit, you are already complete in the oneness of knowledge and beauty. There is nothing you need to get or find because here nothing is missing. You need only remember what you are. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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