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I Am Community Update | How to use I Am Statements

Let’s make our community a welcoming place for new members. You can help improve the experience by using the "I Am by Infobeing" mobile app to create some new Statements.

What are I Am Statements?
The idea behind the I Am by Infobeing mobile app is to connect compatible people by matching our compatible statements. A statement is a structured sentence describing your needs and wants as it relates to other people.

Who do you want to meet? What kind of products or services are you offering others or buying? Create as many statements as you can describing all your needs and wants.

How to create a good I Am Statement:
When you enter a new statement by using the form at the top of the app, the first step is to choose the Verb from the following options:

Meeting, Offering, Purchasing, Working, Hiring

Verb matching is determined as follows:

Offering matches Purchasing
matches Hiring
matches Meeting

All non-transactional statements would fall under “meeting”. Here are a few good examples of statements:

“I am meeting a man to be my salsa-dancing partner. You can travel with me to a festival in Puerto Rico.”
“I am purchasing hand-made art including paper art, paintings or other crafts.”
“I am meeting someone who is an experienced drummer to join my band.”

When the Verb filter matches, the words comprising the rest of the sentence are matched to the words of other users (as well as to your profile keywords). Because the community is still small, we are seeing many false matches. But as the community grows, we’ll set the filtering to be more rigid and the matches will become increasingly relevant.

Why create a bunch of thoughtful statements now?
Stating your needs allows other people to fulfill them. Yes, we’re still a very small community – but have to start somewhere. I approach influencers every day. Let’s make sure that, when they join, they’ll be impressed! Your example will help all new members see the potential of what we’re creating.

I believe that matching people according to compatible needs and wants is a breakthrough. As the I Am Community grows, we will be able to meet exactly the right people more easily than fate. No more browsing social media profiles, no more judging others on the basis of looks or tastes. I Am connects us by what matters most: what we need and want.

Imagine a day when you’ll be able to create statements about anything and you’ll instantly match with exactly the right person to fulfill it. No spamming, no advertising, no hours and hours spent searching — just instant connections with compatible people who share your purpose.

We have a lot to do to grow this community. You can help by taking a few minutes to create a few more thoughtful I Am Statements. Please don’t wait for others to do it. You can go first. Write with any questions.

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