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Free from past and future, anything is possible.

Most people treat the waking state like it’s a job. From the moment you wake each morning, the now only exists to honor the past and to prepare for the future. In this state, all that is alive, all that is possible, and all that is inspiring and beautiful is overlooked.

To live your present moment in service to the past is to limit yourself by promises made and expectations placed upon you. The range of what is allowed is defined by your mind’s memory of your past, which you believe is your identity. In this state, no true growth or change is possible even as you believe you are working toward a better future.

The other part of your mind’s awareness is the imagined future. You have big dreams, plans, and goals which you hope will preserve what is good about your life and lead to greater happiness through wealth, status, a relationship, possessions, or something else external. Your now is used only for doing things you do not want to do because of an imagined future where something is supposed to change and you are supposed to be happy. This, you call discipline.

What I am describing is the unawakened state, in which you fail to notice the absurdity of spending all your life doing what you do not want to be doing and being who you do not want to be. Observe how your mind rationalizes present-moment misery by making the past and future what is real.

While the concepts of past and future are real to the mind, the truth is that you are not your mind and everything exists only now. If you treat the now as a job to honor the past and prepare for the future, you will live as if you are sleep-walking through various states of misery. Only by letting go of the past and future and observing the absurdity of the mind, anything is possible (even pure love and lasting happiness). This is called awakening, and it is the only path to unlimited possibilities. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


I am love.


All religions, belief systems, philosophies, economic systems, and lifestyles either teach love or the opposite; which is fear.

Love is truth, beauty, wisdom, health, abundance, happiness, and all that is in alignment with life.

Fear is suffering, sickness, insanity, lack, violence and all that is in alignment with death.

Any religion, belief system, philosophy, economic system, or relationship style that teaches fear is designed to enslave you. That which teaches love sets you free.

Love is the energy of life itself, accessible only in the present moment, in the state of unconditional acceptance. Anything that pulls you away from this place is false and can easily be ignored. You know this is true because you look within and know what you are. You are love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


You are innocent.


The world tells us that evil is real. Religion tells us that we are all sinners. We are taught to fight evil in the world and to resist temptation within. This lesson—taught in the language of blame, shame, and guilt—is false.

What the world calls evil and what religion calls sin is, in truth, only error. The error is always the same—to act without love. The only correction to error is perfect love. The only way to teach love is to love.

The world has miscreated something called ego and we have believed that it is real. All forms of thought and belief lead directly to action, so we have judged, defended, prosecuted, and jailed just as we have also offended and been victimized. We have made an idol of the ego and this has been the justification for human drama and suffering. We have carried such a terrible burden. Now we let it go.

Now we remember that we are innocent. All the lessons we have been taught through attack are false. If we have errored, it is only because we have believed those false lessons and have acted without love. The eternal correction is to find self-love, which is easy now that you know you are innocent. Now when you see error in another, you will see it in truth. All error is a cry for love. To correct error, extend love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

“Innocence is wisdom, because it is unaware of evil and evil does not exist. It is aware, however, of everything that is true.” -A Course in Miracles

The source of wealth and abundance


Money is not the source of value. It is only a storage container of value. Money naturally flows to where value is being created. The giver of money naturally expects value back. The creator of value naturally expects to be paid the right price.

Ask this question frequently and you will never be poor; what can I do or create that is most valuable to the most people?

You don’t need to get rich or to raise capital before you can do what you were meant to do. It’s the other way around: first you follow your inspiration and create value for others, then the money flows to you. You are the source of value. Value is creation and service to others.

Do everything you can to offer real value to others. If you can serve or create something that is valuable to others, equal value will inevitably flow back to you in the form of money, fulfilling relationships, favors, new opportunities, recognition and admiration.

You must go first. Limitation is an illusion seen by those who refuse to go first. Sometimes it is enough just to explain what you are going to do and the funding will come up-front.

Others may error, they may rob and steal, but nobody gets away with anything. To acquire wealth through deceit or abuse of power is to attack. To attack is to create your own hell on earth.

You who love, serve and create are the truly rich. The wealth you enjoy is a beautiful reflection of the love you give. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  

Image by Benjamin Forrest

Whenever light enters darkness, the darkness is abolished. (A Course in Miracles)

Darkness is complicated. It feels heavy and exhausting. All forms of darkness flow from fear. Systems of authority control you through punishment and reward. Corporations exploit you by selling dangerous drugs, unhealthy food, and toxic media content. Spouses, parents, and friends judge you, shame you, blame you, and punish you. Schools make false promises and teach meaningless information. You are continually exploited just as you are attacked. Even as you give everything you have to hold onto a job, you never seem to have enough money.

Sometimes it feels as if you don’t belong in this world. You blame yourself for not fitting-in. You look around and believe that others are doing fine. They aren’t. Everybody is lying to each other because we are scared.

Light is easy. It feels effortless yet contains infinite energy. All forms of light flow from love. Love is a higher form of vision. It is a seeing of other souls and all existence beyond the level of form. It is a looking past the waves and knowing the depth of the ocean. It is an awareness that what is real cannot be changed or threatened. Nothing that is real about us can be lost or taken away from us. There is no lack of anything, therefore we are free to give everything. Giving and receiving is the basic functioning of life.

Darkness cannot be undone with the values and tactics of darkness. Only light can abolish darkness and it does so in an instant. Darkness only seems real in our lives because we believe in it. Now we put our faith in light and we no longer see the darkness. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Whenever light enters darkness, the darkness is abolished. A Course in Miracles

Marianne Williamson for President!

I consider Marianne the only interesting candidate for President of the United States. My support of her campaign is total, complete, and comes without any hesitation. Finally, there is a political candidate who fully represents me.

To understand Marianne Williamson, one need look no further than the spiritual text A Course in Miracles. In my experience, this great work is one of the most effective portals into true and total spiritual enlightenment. Using Christian terminology, The Course teaches the thought system of perfect love. To truly study the course requires an open mind; and the result can be nothing other than a total and complete spiritual awakening. 

If it hadn’t been for her decades of talking about and teaching A Course in Miracles, this work might have remained obscure. More than any other person alive, she brought it to life. In so doing, she’s already changed the lives of millions (mine included). I study, write about and speak about A Course in Miracles almost daily and am on my third reading over the past three years.

Marianna Williamson’s progressive political positions are identical to mine, but what’s interesting about her is not the politics. Centered within the thought system of perfect love, she speaks from a place that transcends politics. Politics are the workings of ego; an endless game of strategy with no heart, focused entirely on getting, winning, and gaining power. 

Like many of her followers, I was highly skeptical when I heard that she was running for President. At one point in my life, I was a political junkie who could debate every policy point with the best of them. But my spiritual awakening revealed that our human needs are only fulfilled in a realm that transcends ego—the dimension beyond physical form. Love, feeling good, happiness, creative inspiration, human connection, health—none of this is tangible, measurable or material. A positive state of being arises only from the empty nothingness of the spiritual dimension within.

But to spiritually awaken cannot mean that you withdraw from the world. Becoming a ray of light brings a responsibility to illuminate the darkness. Love is not to be protected and made private; for this would be an impotent kind of love. Love, the energy of all truth and power, is to be extended far and wide. This is done through openly teaching, creating, serving and caring for others and for the world. From this position of strength, Marianne Williamson is running for President. This is why millions of enlightened people are supporting her and why she will be the most popular candidate.

I do not, however, believe she will become President. Even if she does, she will not be able to overturn the centralized systems of violence, fear and destruction. The system cannot and will not allow this from within. However, what she is doing, and what we can do, is to speak the truth clearly and loudly so that all the lies, corruption, and destruction perpetuated by a system incapable of doing anything else is exposed. I support that and I join my sister in this mission.

Regardless of the outcome, this historic attempt to bring spiritual truth to the world through politics will be a massive success—something beyond the scale of what Bernie Sanders accomplished last time. But an immovable problem remains; centralization cannot deliver truth, love and peace. Maybe people don’t understand this yet, but my mission is to lead this conversation after her run for the Presidency comes to a conclusion.

The spiritual revolution will not be brought to us through any form of centralization—not through government, not through religion, not via the corporate media, and not through schools.  Love can only exist in freedom. Centralization always opposes freedom. That’s what it does—systems put limits on us. They control, manipulate and exploit. Religion is centralized, while true spirituality is free and decentralized. Groups set rules, while one-on-one relationships set us free. Governments regulate human interaction through fear (laws), while perfect relationships are rooted in love and can have no boundaries.

The only system worth fighting for is a system of freedom that is beyond the reach of the violent arms of government. When we learn to identify with our perfect completeness within, and extend that to all the world in freedom, the revolution that Marianne is talking about will have already happened. We don’t need to win anything. We just need to declare ourselves free and then act that way. We need to love ourselves and then connect with other free, loving souls.

I’m glad Marianne Williamson is running for President. She may be a modern-day Jesus—perhaps capable of inspiring a massive awakening. But we must remember that whether she wins or not is not so important. The revolution is already ours when we decide that we want it.

My life’s work is to create a decentralized system of love. My foundation has built a social media platform that connects people in love. This community is also built upon a decentralized cryptocurrency called IAM, which is used for transactions between the members of this community. You can download the free, Beta (not yet decentralized) version of I Am by Infobeing from the App Store or Google Play (just search for it). We’re just getting started, but you can join now because it already works. We can choose to live in a different world now. We can use technology to spread and share our love, peace and happiness.

I commit my life to working alongside Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle and so many other true leaders to galvanize a movement of perfect love that goes beyond speaking and writing and even beyond politics. Thank you, Marianne, for inspiring us all in love.


Fear arises from lack of love. The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love. (A Course in Miracles)

You know fear. You also must know that your love for yourself and all beings is not continuously perfect. But perhaps you have also experienced, if only for a moment, the state of perfect love. Surely, fear did not exist there.  

The following quotes were taken from A Course in Miracles:

“Whenever there is fear, it is because you have not made up your mind. You must somehow have chosen not to love, or the fear could not have arisen.” Fear is, therefore, an emotion that should inspire correction.

“As soon as you accept the remedy, you abolish the fear. This is how true healing occurs.” When you feel fear, find out where you have fallen short of perfect love and correct it.

“There are no idle thoughts. All thinking produces form on some level.” The mind is in a state of continuous creation, but a mind polluted with fear creates that which causes pain and suffering. This is known as miscreation.

“The fearful must miscreate because they misperceive creation.” Creation is the atonement, is life, is a miracle, is consciousness, is joy, is peace, is bliss, is perfect health, is abundance, is perfect love. Miscreations are obstacles to true creation.  

“The fundamental conflict of the world, then, is between creation and miscreation. All fear is implicit in the second, and all love in the first.”

“You do not guard your thoughts carefully enough. Thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains.”

Love is always the way. Fear is always your correction. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Don’t ask for acceptance, offer honesty.

If you want to be accepted for who you are, be honest about your deepest truths. If you are afraid to reveal who you are, how is anyone supposed to understand and accept you? 

A fundamental human need is to be understood, accepted, and loved for who you are. Yet we hide who we are. We are less than honest because we are afraid. We are afraid to be judged, blamed, shamed, and punished. Most of all, we are afraid to lose someone and the security that goes with it.

A relationship on the level of the soul requires both unconditional acceptance and unconditional honesty. If either of you hold back here, the circle of closeness is broken. You feel lonely and distant even when you are together. You value the external form of “being together”, but inside you feel trapped, alone, hollow, screaming for something more real. You are holding back to preserve the relationship, but in doing so you are choking it. Eventually you will miss the feeling of a true connection on the level of mind, body and spirit. Now conditions are ripe for cheating or break-up.

In truth, honesty and acceptance are the same thing. Giving honesty without receiving acceptance is being attacked. Offering acceptance without being honest in return is a recipe for your own suffering.

Start by being honest with yourself about who you are, how you feel, what excites you, and what you were brought into this world to do. Self-honesty requires self-acceptance. Now, extend this level of honesty and acceptance to the other. This is love, this is union—relationship bliss. You no longer need do anything to hold onto the relationship because there is no way either of you are going anywhere. It’s too good.

Be fully honest. Accept fully. Yes, you risk losing someone. But don’t give up, give it time, love the person unconditionally forever. Even if the relationship changes form, what is at stake is only the superficial aspects that have caused suffering.

Choose to be loving, completely honest, and accepting of both the other and the situation that arises. This begins a correction period requiring faith. Though challenging, it is a necessary step to ultimately find love, inner peace, freedom and happiness. You are called to be who you are and there is nothing to fear. Go for it. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Image by Simon Lesley

Image by Simon Lesley

Don’t ask for honesty, offer acceptance.



If you want honesty in a relationship, offer unconditional acceptance. If your ability to accept is limited, then the ability for the other to tell you the truth will also be limited.

What is more important to you: 1) your rules and boundaries, or 2) honesty and closeness in the relationship? You can’t have it both ways.

By setting rules and expectations, or by attempting to control another person in any way, you are breaking the cycle of honesty and ending the possibility of truth—polluting your closest relationships with illusion and uncertainty.

If you cannot unconditionally accept your partner, spouse, or child, then your love is incomplete. You have no control over them. By attempting to control, you are only making them afraid of you. You cannot take anyone’s free will. People do what they will do. But, because love you, they may choose to lie only to protect you from your own feelings.

If you have created such a web of illusions, the illusions will eventually be exposed. It will feel as though your world is crumbling. You will begin to reject the person who you claim to love—to judge, blame, shame, and punish. You may panic and leave the relationship. None of this would be necessary if you had simply accepted the person from the start—if you had loved the person for who he or she truly is.

You aren’t required to live with a person or to do anything for that person beyond your willingness to give. But you do have to accept. That is the minimum requirement for a relationship of any kind (even your relationship with yourself). Love is acceptance, and there is no other way. All love starts with self-love, so you can start by unconditionally accepting yourself. You are perfect, just as you are. Now extend this to your loved ones.

You want complete openness, closeness, trust, eternal love? This is the state of blissful coexistence, but it requires full acceptance without any limits. Be open-minded. Try something new. If it bothers you, talk about how you feel. This is how two souls grow closer. This is love. If you let this process happen naturally, there is no conflict or struggle. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

Art by Tanya Dawn

Life is now. (Eckhart Tolle)


There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be.The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Past and future are only ideas in the mind. The mind perceives a past by retracing events and situations, but the mind does this in the present. The future is the mind’s prediction of how things might be in a reality that will never be. It would be impossible for the mind to recall the past accurately or to predict what will be. There are too many variables.

Too much complexity exists in the realm of form. Too many unknowns in the imperceptibly small and infinitely large universe. Too many things out of our control. The mind may tell you otherwise, but past and future are beyond its power.

What we perceive as time is the movement of matter, the change in form. If you throw a frisbee, it moves through the air. As it does, it continues to exist in the present. This is how the planets move in orbit, how the cells in our bodies change, how things grow and then die. Matter simply moves and changes in the now.

So what? Why does it matter to pontificate about time? Because if you believe time is real, you are blind to all that is. You are someplace else. You are lost in the realm of what is not. This is the unawakened state. You are asleep, and it is kind of a big deal.

The solution is simple. Notice your breath. The objects in the room. The sound of the wind outside. The way the light reflects. The smells. Your emotions. The way you feel. The person before you in need of love and attention. The challenges arising that only you can solve. Stay here, on this level of awareness, even as you move through your day.

When you simply notice the now, you will find that you are a master. There is never a moment that you cannot handle; therefore, there is nothing to fear. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.