Whatever is true is eternal and cannot change or be changed. (A Course in Miracles)
Total commitment to giving makes receiving automatic. (Deepak Chopra)

As long as there is this feeling of separation, love cannot be known. (Osho)

“Love is the experience of unity. Love is the ecstasy when the walls between two people crumble down, when two lives meet, when two lives unite.” – Osho

You want perfect love in your life, so allow the possibility of perfect love in your life. Simply drop your barriers to the other. How many couples resent each other, withhold truths from each other, keep thoughts and desires hidden? This is not love, this is life without freedom and it is worse than being alone.

Love is the unguarded unleashing of everything you are, combined with full acceptance of the other. The energy of love flows when two people create a space in which everything is possible and in which everything is accepted.

If you want boundaries in your relationships, then you do not want love. If there is anything about yourself that you are unwilling to share, then you are unwilling to experience the joy and bliss of love. If there is anything about your lover that you cannot accept, then you are saying “no thanks” to his or her love.

If you are afraid to trust, then you value aloneness over love. If you are closed off to the possibility of sex, you are refusing the seed of love and choosing the misery of separation over the bliss that is within reach. You don’t have to do anything with a person unless you are inspired with irresistible passion, but if you want love in your life then you do have to be open to the possibility of acting on passion.

You will not find love because you look hot, have a huge bank account, or drive the perfect car. Projecting image will isolate you. You will become untouchable and, therefore, untouched on the level of the soul. Forget the makeup, put down the sunglasses, smile, say hi to someone, talk about your true feelings and drop the agenda. Give others the space to do the same. Love has now entered your life and it isn’t difficult. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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