You are wholly lovable and wholly loving (A Course in Miracles)
Ego is the only problem

What is yours will come to you when you are ready. (A Course in Miracles)

Nothing happens in your life that is not part of your individual curriculum. If something comes, then it is required and you are ready.

Challenges bring change, but change is only the movement toward a natural balance. Knowing this, you can yield to a challenge rather than resisting it. Let it happen, knowing you will remain safe in the arms of your perfect love within.

By resisting change, we expend great effort trying to hold together that which has already fallen apart. You cannot permanently extend an illusion because, in the end, nothing unreal can ever be made real. Yield. Accept. Let things be as they are.

When you are ready, your curriculum also brings great gifts. To prepare for love, bliss, abundance, adventure and fulfillment—you need only align with perfect love. This is the process of purification; the letting go of ego.

The gifts come when you choose to ignore the ego, to escape the grip of it, to smile at it, to no longer take it seriously. Now you have found shelter in unchanging truth even as the external world brings constant adventure. And if you’re still resisting, that’s okay too. It just means you aren’t ready yet.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.