Non-forgiveness is a weapon used by manipulators to dominate the good people trying to please them.
The right person for you is the one who you do not want to change and who does not want to change you.

Transformation is not about finding answers to your questions. It is about finding a new relationship with thoughts. (Eckhart Tolle)

Thoughts will arise, as they continuously do. That’s fine, but now they no longer control you.

What is it about this thought that is more important than this moment? Nothing.

So why chase a thought? Why let it affect our emotions? Why let it divert our attention from…from what?

Where might our attention be if not focused on our constant stream of thoughts? Our attention–our conscious presence–can instead be directed toward that which is. How does the inner body feel? How do you feel? What do you hear? What do you see? How are the colors and textures? How does the movement flow? Notice the stillness and harmony behind it all.

Don’t name any of it or try to hold onto it. Just allow it to be. Let go of what changes as it changes. Recognize how it is always now and always has been now. Thought becomes secondary.

If you are with a person, perhaps talking, be present and focus on the person without any interpretation. Allow the person space to be. Accept what is happening, what is being said, what the person is feeling, and what she wants. Together, there is no past or future; only your beautiful choice to be together now.

Answers to questions are unimportant. Each answer only brings a new question, and so on. Mental positions only shift your focus away from life itself. Be here now and allow the mind to respond fully to the fullness of reality.

The beautiful feeling of now is the feeling of love. Love is the only reality-based thought system. In the service of perfect love, the mind becomes a gentle guide rather than a source of fear and its range of negative emotions.

How gently magnificent is this awakening, this end of suffering, this knowledge of who you are, this full embrace of perfect love, this coming alive to all the universe. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.