When there is no desire, all things are at peace. (Lao Tzu)
Abscondo Podcast #68: Getting rid of desire

Life is not complicated. It is only a choice between two paths.

The first path is brutal and impossible—but the world has been conquered by those who would force it upon us. The second path offers everything—but is only accessible to those who would choose to look with total faith beyond the terrible noise and the brutal threats of our conquerors.

They will continue to control and attack, but we will always remain free to choose the second path at any moment. After all, we will never forget who we are. We just need to find the courage to be it.

While these two paths go by many names which all mean the same thing, the fundamental choice is between love and fear. Walk the path of love and the peace of God rests within you just as everything real, beautiful and true comes alive. But walk the path of fear to find no peace or safety at all just as you tragically fail to notice all that is real and alive.

You cannot walk two separate paths at the same time. You must make a total choice between sacrificing everything real for all that is false…or choosing all that is real while sacrificing nothing at all. While the choice is always open each moment, you must choose only one.

If you choose to still carry a little doubt, a little fear, a little ego, a little specialness that you would fight for, a little unwillingness to forgive, a little need to put up walls, or a little need to sometimes attack—then you are siding with your conquerors and choosing the path of fear and suffering that they have violently forced upon you. That is an understandable choice and there is nothing wrong with you. It is perfectly normal, but it is what it is.

But find the courage to choose the path of perfect love and make no sacrifice ever again. I walk with you, together as one, and we are perfectly complete. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.