People seek happiness but...
You are wholly lovable and wholly loving (A Course in Miracles)

A perfect relationship is one that is in equilibrium

In any situation, there is a true path. What prevents people from honoring it is the need to control.

When we push things in the direction of where we think it should go, we are distorting the situation by not allowing it to be as it is.

When we try to control perceptions, or to change a person, or force what we want without regard to the other person, we create discomfort, distress, and unease.

When respect for the equilibrium is lost, the relationship becomes inflexible and brittle. It becomes work. It loses its purpose—which is love.

How easily we forget that there is a true path that requires no effort, no sacrifice, no figuring anything out. It is the path of mutual and unconditional acceptance. Let each other be, and equilibrium is never lost. Neither is the love.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.