Enjoyment is what happens when we awaken to the present moment.
Abscondo Podcast #66: Letting Go

Who we think we are is not who we are. (Clare Dimond)

When people hear the true spiritual message—this one truth spoken in infinite ways—they become afraid.

We spend our lives defining who we are and what we believe about the world. We craft an image, we define ourselves by our circumstances (good or bad), we compare ourselves to others, we worry that nobody cares, that nobody loves us and that we don’t matter.

These are the stories of the mind, and most people’s identity is those stories. We think all this makes us interesting, but it doesn’t. In fact, it makes us normal and boring—just like everybody else. We become dull and predictable, barely noticing reality, lost in our heads juggling ridiculous and meaningless thoughts.

Identified with the mind, we think we are interesting and unique. All the while, we are blind to the fact that everything we say, think and do is so completely and utterly predictable. The ego believes it values differences; but in its inner-workings, every ego is exactly the same.

Identified with the mind, life is a chore. There is no freedom. No lasting joy or bliss. No true meaning. No deep wisdom or understanding. In the ego we are lost. Is this what we are afraid to let go of?

When we stop defining who we are, then the light of who we truly are begins to shine. To awaken is to let go of the stories, then the fears, then the rules, then the inhibitions, then the limiting beliefs, then the stress and pain, then the exhaustion, then the illnesses—constantly peeling back all that is false until the true you emerges.

“When we glimpse the truth of who we are beneath the stories, whatever remains is more real, not less.” -Clare Dimond 

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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