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How do you stop someone from making a terrible mistake? (Relationship Forward)

There is a good which has no opposite.

To seek happiness in the external is to experience life as a series of highs and lows. However high you rise, you’ll fall just as far.

We think that, by learning to effectively control events, the lows can be avoided. But even after a lifetime spent reaching for the good in external situations or events, we only continue to slip further away from lasting happiness.

What we want is lasting happiness. Moments of beauty, bliss and fun are nice…but not so much if they are always followed by equally dramatic lows. We want a good which has no opposite. This can only be found within. External situations and events do not determine the way you feel or how you experience the present moment. Do not give them this power.

Nothing external can take away your ability to breath calmly, to take a moment for yourself in meditation, to focus awareness on the totality of the present moment.

Nothing external can prevent you from aligning with the thought system of perfect love.

Nothing external is preventing you from forgiving everyone and everything always.

Nothing external is taking away your freedom to make new choices.

Nothing external prevents you from creating loving value by shining your light in service of the good which has no opposite.

We stop fighting for victory in the external. Victory is found within and then effortlessly extended to the external.

External events are not that important. It doesn’t mean we won’t face challenges, that we won’t get sad, that we won’t miss someone…it means that we make peace even with this. Beneath the external events, there is always an oasis of calm, good energy, love and beauty. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.