I am not afraid of people
I declare myself free

Salvation is no compromise of any kind. (A Course in Miracles)

If we believe that compromise is necessary, then we find that salvation is impossible.

If we still believe it is okay to attack a little, alright to withhold forgiveness sometimes, normal to judge and condemn some people for some things, prudent to withhold truth sometimes, and possible to love only certain people under certain conditions—then faith is still in ego, not spirit.

Spiritual awakening is the easiest thing—accessible to anyone now. But first we must let go of the concepts of sacrifice and compromise. The ego believes this is the path toward happiness and success; but the ego is consistent only in that it is always wrong about everything. Doubt this and your spiritual seeking will cause only confusion.

The only love is perfect love. Perfect love is without boundaries and conditions. The only time is now—past and future are only thoughts. The only way to live is wide open—no value is to be gained in separation. Total acceptance. No judgment of good or bad because you can’t know. No belief in fear. No doubts and no exceptions.

This is the path to purification. Know this fully each day and experience true and lasting salvation. But compromise anything and sacrifice everything.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.