Life is experienced beyond the mind.
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No more good days and bad days.

The ego likes to judge the good and the bad according to its own thought system. The ego, oblivious to its own shifting perceptions, is paradoxically confident that it knows what is good and what is bad.

Most of the time, we do not know what is good or bad. Reality is too complex and inter-connected.

Has something terrible ever happened to you—maybe a breakup or loss of a job? Years later, you may have looked back upon this event only to realize that you ended up better off. Perhaps you found yourself in the right relationship or a profession you enjoy more.

Has something good ever happened to you—maybe you got that big job, you were accepted into that university, or married the person you wanted to marry? Weeks or months later, that which you thought you wanted may have become a nightmare.

So starting this week, we look upon reality not with the ego’s perception; rather, with the knowledge of spiritual truth. Whether we face smooth sailing, or conflict, or abrupt change, or unimaginable success—we no longer react as though we know for certain whether any of it is good or bad.

Instead, we just do our best each day to unemotionally recognize and calmly respond to reality. We accept what is happening fully and always choose the loving response. We no longer trust the mind’s analysis; rather, we awaken to the present moment and deal with life in the only dimension where it has ever existed and ever will exist—the now.

If we are exhausted, we rest. If we are scared, we make friends with our fear. If we are challenged, we respond the best we can. If we win, we do so humbly. This is gratitude. This is wisdom.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.