No belief is neutral. (A Course in Miracles)
I am not special

Most fathers would never walk away. More often, they are thrown away.

To become a mother or a father is one of life’s great callings. We naturally love our children wholly and unconditionally. Relationships between men and women, however, are often a bit trickier.

In a relationship between the two decent and loving parents, access to the child is beyond question. The right for both of you to be parents has nothing to do with the difficulties between you. Yet too often, a parent who has not become fully conscious might attach rules, expectations and conditions to a relationship—and then subtly use access to the child as a sort of personal right or bargaining chip.

When this loveless strategy invariably fails, a judgment is then often made that the non-compliant party “has other priorities” or “doesn’t love the child enough”. Often, he is cut out. His role as a father is then forcibly diminished.

If you are a man, this is the almost inevitable, excruciating outcome of having children with someone who is not deeply committed to unconditional love. Don’t do it. Before you decide to have a child with a woman, be sure that access to that child comes with no threats or conditions. You deserve perfect love and your unborn children deserve the love that only you can give.

Let mothers love their children fully. Let fathers be present in their lives to also love them fully. Your children deserve all the love and attention that nature has inspired you both to give. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.