The special ones are all asleep; surrounded by a world of loveliness they do not see. (A Course in Miracles)
Love is even stronger than bravery

Miracles are only a decision to heal.

Miracles are not difficult. They happen whenever we choose to heal ourselves and our relationships with love.

To resist miracles, on the other hand, is difficult. This is a stubborn choice for pain over joy, specialness over union, illness over health, death over life, and illusion over truth. You would not make this insane choice, but your ego would.

The ego is the confused voice in the head arguing for a world designed to exploit us. Through the forced repetition of twisted logic, at some point in our lives we all become conditioned, domesticated, enslaved.

Then one day, when the suffering becomes too much and some light shines through our cracks, we so easily awaken from the bad dream to become aware of consciousness.

But continue to obey the ego—that voice in the head that sounds like yours—and delay miracles; which are already yours in love.

We continue in perfect love tomorrow and each day after that.


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