Most fathers would never walk away. More often, they are thrown away.
How to set boundaries and rules in a relationship (Relationship Forward)

I am not special

I am the one consciousness. This body is made of all the same building blocks as yours—which is the same matter that makes up the rest of the universe. I am you and you are me.

Because I am not special, I cannot judge you.

Because I am not special, I see nothing to be desired in any walls of separation between us.

Because I am not special, I have nothing to fear and nothing to defend.

Because I am not special, I see no difference between pure giving and receiving.

Specialness is the belief that gives rise to the full spectrum of the ego’s insanity. Without belief in specialness, there is no ego. Without ego, what emerges is perfect love, compassion and kindness, union and peace, joy and bliss, true freedom and effortless abundance.

But believe that you are special and expend great effort in a foolish attempt to prove that which is false. All the image-projecting, all the debating and arguing, the judgment and attack, all the rules and boundaries, the cutting-off of this person in favor of that person—it is all for nothing. It will never be true and will only lead to momentary highs followed by depression and misery.

The ego is nothing. It is a thought system based upon a false belief. Know this and you are already awake. Doubt only causes further delay.

If there are differences in our stories, in our physical details, our skills, or our interests…so what? It’s nice. It’s interesting. But our wisdom is rooted in the knowledge that we are one on the level that matters. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.