What does spiritual awakening mean?
Who we think we are is not who we are. (Clare Dimond)

Enjoyment is what happens when we awaken to the present moment.

When we are happy, we are also kind to people. We can appreciate simple beauty. We enjoy ourselves no matter what we choose to do. We are also comfortable being in a quiet room by ourselves for a while.

What’s interesting is that there is a common element behind all forms of enjoyment. Enjoyment arises during the moments when there are gaps between our thoughts—when we become lost in the present moment. This is because thoughts are usually about past or future and take us away from the present moment—away from enjoyment.

Even thoughts can be enjoyable when they are truly productive. When we focus full attention on our work, or when we create something in a state of heightened concentration, then even our thinking becomes focused on the present moment. So whatever we do in the present moment, everything is in alignment: mind, body and spirit.

Enjoyment is what arises when we awaken to the present moment. Here there are no problems, we enjoy ourselves, we perceive great beauty everywhere, we bring positive energy and helpfulness to those we love, our work is high quality, and our creations are truly inspired.

We learn to live in the now today, tomorrow and each day after that.