There is no substitute for love.
Tao Te Ching 35

Attack, in any form, has placed your foot upon the twisted stairway that leads from heaven. (A Course in Miracles)

Heaven is another word for the awareness of consciousness now. It is love. It is peace. It is truth and beauty. Truth is beyond physical form because form changes and truth, by definition, is that which does not change.

Heaven, which is only accessible to those who have escaped ego, is the dimension of everything we care most deeply about—the feeling of total aliveness within and recognition of the perfect beauty contained within this eternal present moment.

To experience heaven, we need only decide to open. We teach the mind to say “yes” to all that is, to stop taking its own thoughts seriously, to embrace all brothers and sisters fully, and to extend nothing but joy and love in all we think, say and do.

But take just one step back toward ego and become instantly lost in the world’s illusions. Heaven closes to those who would attack, judge, argue or manipulate. Those who judge the good and bad will know neither. Those who doubt surrender all power. Those who close enter a state of depression.

What difference is there between the infinite forms of illusion? Any faith in illusion always leads to some degree of misery and depression. But faith in the spacious dimension—in the oneness of the unmanifested nothingness that contains all form—this is the dimension of heaven and it is now.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.