Bring consciousness to the inner-body.
Loneliness is the suffering of our time. Even if we are surrounded by others, we can feel very alone. (Thich Nhat Hahn)

You are beyond the stories, illusions, and dreams of the mind.

So what, right? This sounds unexciting and not quite true to the ego. Why? Because the ego hinges on the very belief that the mind is what you are. Teaching the opposite is highly unpopular because it offends the ego and even threatens its dominance over you.

So, the mind tells you to move on to other things—anything that teaches nothing, asks nothing of you, and makes no attempt at truth will do. I understand. I am aware that this is how it goes.

These teachings are highly unpopular, which confirms only that they are rooted in truth. Today’s world is completely ego-driven—so what is popular in this world is what is popular to the ego. Just one problem: the ego, and our unexamined adherence to its insanity, is the root of all problems in this world.

Make truth popular and it becomes a religion. Get the experts to agree and it becomes a business. But I’ll stick to truth, even if it is unanimously unpopular. We continue to awaken to the dimension beyond ego tomorrow and each day after that.    


The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.