Relationship honesty
True confidence is absense of fear in all situations.

War is the conflict of illusion

Follow any illusion to its extreme and the result can only be war. War is, of course, destruction.  Illusion will always be challenged with a different illusion—leading to a futile battle about which is right. When the war is over, the answer will always be neither.

Peace can only be found in truth. Here there can be no conflict because there is nothing that needs defense. Only that which is beyond debate is true. Love—our core need for love within—is beyond debate. Consciousness is beyond debate. We are alive. We observe. I am. In truth, we are all the same in oneness.

When we lay aside all illusion, we extend peace. We become love. How do we know what is illusion and what is real? Anything we feel compelled to debate or defend—that’s illusion. We let this stuff go to dwell in truth.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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