True confidence is absense of fear in all situations.
Abscondo Podcast #65: Religion vs. Spirituality

Truth cannot be grasped, only pointed to.

I sometimes talk with my 9-year old daughter about spirituality, love and ego. During these talks, she easily gets it. Then some amount of time goes by and she may ask, “Hey Dad, explain ego to me again.”

Spiritual truth is such that it is not just learned once and then grasped. It isn’t like memorizing math formulas or historical facts. Facts can be easily understood, certain skills can be learned and then possessed—but the realm of love, consciousness, God, ultimate truth cannot be held onto. Just as soon as spiritual wisdom is accessed, it starts to slip away.

This is the stuff of perception beyond physical form—a knowing that flows from an invisible realm that cannot be possessed by the mind or by the senses. To access the realm of spiritual wisdom, some amount of daily repetition is required. Spiritual teachings are merely words—and the words are not the truth. Spiritual words are just the sounds we make to teach our minds to see beyond the stuff of this world. Words cannot be truth; rather, they can only point to the truth.

Meditation is another language—a language of silence and no thought—which also unblocks the mind so that the realm of perfect truth can be accessed. For meditation to be effective, we must go there daily to remember.

Religious fundamentalists often get so caught-up in their particular words and rituals that they forget to meditate on the silent, still inner-truths that the words point to. But the spiritually awakened among us, on the other hand, are comfortable using words and practices from multiple faiths and traditions. We know that the power is not in the form. The form of our spiritual practice either helps us point to the truth or fails to do so. Either way, there’s nothing to get worked up about or to argue about.

All spiritual teachings require a quiet, inner interpretation. By using various words and rituals to go within and beyond, we access the infinite intelligence that flows from the unmanifested. There is no one right way. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.