Actions never bring the intended results.
War is the conflict of illusion

Relationship honesty


And if your truth is loving—expressed in a sensitive way with compassion and understanding—your relationships will live forever.

This requires a daily practice to undo the violent communication patterns which are so normal in this world.

One day not too long ago, there was a man who believed that, by protecting his wife from his truths, he was protecting her from pain. But, time and time again, the truth would surface (as it always does) and rip away all trust between them. Their pain—the undoing of their perfect love—was excruciating.

Through this experience, the wife learned that her husband’s truths were terrible. More and more, she resisted his truths and became convinced that he was an evil person. They had become strangers—sinking ever more deeply into untruth and painful isolation.

If he had found a way to speak with her truthfully and with compassion from the very beginning, and if she had found a way to open her heart and mind in return, theirs would have been a relationship so blissful as to transcend the suffering of this world.

But errors can be corrected. These are mistakes we shall no longer repeat. The lessons have been learned and the relationships of this world are being quietly transformed. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.