I am listening without judgment
Actions never bring the intended results.

I define happiness as the capacity to understand and to love. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

In happiness, there is no cause and effect—there is only the question of love or not love.

True understanding is impossible without love. Understanding flows from the decision to offer perfect love as our default thought system.

When we are not committed to perfect love, we fail to listen without judgment. When we fail to listen, we fail to understand. Without understanding, there is no openness because there is no unconditional acceptance.

Without love, there is no possibility for forgiveness. No true relationships. No helping each other to heal. No end to end our suffering.

This is why A Course in Miracles teaches, “Sin is where love is not.” When we fail to love, we miss the mark. Thankfully, we have established a daily spiritual practice to undo ego and unblock our perfect love within. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.