The cure for suffering
I define happiness as the capacity to understand and to love. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

I am listening without judgment

This is my 365th daily post. After a year of trying my best to pass on spiritual truths which have transformed my life, it occurs to me that there is something very important that has been missing. I haven’t always deeply listened to you.

The problem with social media is that there is no way to engage, one-to-one, in the act of listening. What I crave deeply, even more than writing and talking (if you can believe that), is to sit with you for hours, deeply engaged, just listening. Other than face-to-face in the real world or video calling, today’s technology makes no space for that.

Everybody is talking and nobody is sure whether anybody is listening. Likes are nice feedback, but in a way this is just another form of judgment (I like this but don’t agree with that). Rather than finding a way to be popular, I wish there were a way just to listen to each other without any judgment, evaluation, correction or mind-based feedback at all. We all want to feel heard and understood. This simple need is severely lacking in this world.

I do read your posts, just as I know you read mine. I cherish those few comments and interactions. If you could only see the expression on my face, you would know I am listening to you. But it occurs to me that you can’t see that. Nor can I in return.

Perhaps, after I had the chance to listen to you for a half hour, I might be able to offer some loving communication. More likely, just the act of listening would help. What is real to you is real. Your hopes, dreams, cravings, desires, frustrations, pains—whether “spiritually correct” or not—it is real.

We will continue tomorrow and each day after that, and I hope we might find a way not just to project but to also listen to each other lovingly and without judgment. What a world that would be. If you have any thoughts on this, I am listening.


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