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Fear is the mind's excuse for insanity

Consider this irony: fear often drives us to live recklessly. Fearful panic leads to bad decisions, altered perceptions, creative paralysis, abusive relationships and all sorts of harmful behaviors that should more appropriate be considered reasons to fear rather than responses to fear. Let’s fearlessly expose the insanity of fear.

Fear pretends to be necessary, pretends to be a rational response, yet the manifestations of fear are insane. We are miserable in isolation, yet afraid to trust and to fall in love? We worry about money, then distract ourselves by going shopping? We use drugs and alcohol (an actual threat to our wellbeing) to escape worried thoughts? We fear health problems, which stresses the body and causes illness?

Fear is the mind’s excuse for all sorts of insanity—its justification for all the decisions and behaviors that cause misery and suffering. Fear is the root of ego, the core emotion that feeds all other negative emotions—and it can be undone.

Fear is not necessary, nor is ego, nor is insanity. Perfect love is the only cure for this disease. We continue, in perfect love, tomorrow and each day after that.